About our shop 

Hello! Lovely to meet you. I'm Kate and I am the face behind Busy Being Little. We are an independent, family business where everyone plays their part, big and small.  
Inspired by my 4 little (and not so little) people and their totally different personalities, I had a vision to create a boutique that brings together good quality, independent brands, that are creating fun, practical clothes for kids, that can be passed down to siblings, cousins or friends, regardless of gender. 

Why gender neutral? 

We believe that great clothes should have a longer lifespan than just one child and that they should be able to be handed down with no worry about gender restrictions.  
As adults, our clothes represent who we are and assist us in showcasing our identity. We believe it should be the same for children. We love pink and blue, but there is a whole other spectrum of colours that probably better represent our children. We believe that clothes should be fun and inclusive. We love clothes that allow a child to play and learn in comfort and can withstand even the wildest of little ones. We believe that a child’s priority should be just being little and that their clothes should represent that. And how amazing would it be if we could help look after our little planet too by reducing the amount of fabric that ends up in landfill. All our clothes are perfect to be handed down and shared, reducing the affect on the environment.  
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